Decision Making. Cinderella’s Trip to the Ball

Decision making – a logical process or a fast flight by the seat of one’s pants!?

This is the logical process. From Choices to Criteria, let’s see how Cinderella uses decision making as she considers the best way to go to the Prince’s ball.

goat and cart : Goat and farm animals

A goat pulling a cart is one travel choice for Cinderella.

5 Steps to Make a Decision

State the Question

Identify the Choices

List the Criteria

Comparing Choices

The Result


STATE THE QUESTION  Her fairy godmother asks, “Cinderella, what is the best way for you to go to the ball?”

IDENTIFY THE CHOICES Cinderella thinks about the local transportation. “Well, I could take…

a wagon, a stagecoach, or a goat pulling a cart; or  ride horseback, or take a horse-drawn carriage.”

LIST THE CRITERIA Cinderella ponders…

a. Will people see me easily as I go by them?

b. Will my dress stay clean?

c. Will I impress the Prince?

COMPARING CHOICES Cinderella compares the five local transportation choices. She decides 5 ways to compare them. Be sure to rank them 1- 5 in each column, Cinderella. Then total the points.

1. means No Way     2. means Probably Not    3. means It Might Work

4. means It Will Probably Work Out     5. means Absolutely It Will Work


…………………..Easily seen ……………..Stays clean……….Looks impressive…………………..

WAGON                 3                                    3                                2             TOTAL:  8

STAGECOACH     1                                    5                                4             TOTAL: 10

GOAT CART         2                                   1                                 1             TOTAL:  4

HORSEBACK       5                                   2                                 3            TOTAL: 10

CARRIAGE           4                                   4                                 5            TOTAL: 13


FINAL RESULT Cinderella will be taking a horse drawn carriage to the ball!

Best of all – Her fairy godmother promised her four white horses and a footman! She will arrive in style.


horse and carriage : drawing carriage and horses. Silhouette on white background

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