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Names with Numbers

Student numbers…it may sound rather strange, but as many times as it has come in handy. I shall share the idea. Student lists enter the class alphabetically. Ever after, the teacher is putting their information in alphabetical form. Once the year has begun, and most late comers have arrived, I assign a number to each […]

Options for Different Writing Abilities

My basic thought: Capture each child at a personalized writing level, and they stay involved and move forward.   Students at the easier levels will improve as they see how other students succeed.   To cover the range from totally dependent to totally independent writers, consider these ideas. I have used them.   Two children of […]

Decision Making. Cinderella’s Trip to the Ball

Decision making – a logical process or a fast flight by the seat of one’s pants!? This is the logical process. From Choices to Criteria, let’s see how Cinderella uses decision making as she considers the best way to go to the Prince’s ball. A goat pulling a cart is one travel choice for Cinderella. 5 Steps to Make a Decision State the Question Identify the Choices List […]

Creative Thinking. Cinderella Cleans the Fireplace

CREATIVE THINKING Creative thinking is everywhere – from smart phones to photography – it’s our world and our future! To insert a little thinking into an age old fairy tale, let’s find out how Cinderella might clean the fireplace. Cinderella, the fireplace needs cleaning!          4 Steps to Creative Thinking Situation Question  Guidelines […]

The Love of the Teacher

As the class sat expectantly and slightly in awe, my first college education professor asked,  “Why do you want to be a teacher?” One student answered, “I want to be a teacher because I love children.”  Boom! The instructor’s firm response was, in essence, “Loving the children alone doesn’t do it. You have to know what you’re […]

Log Lines. Awesome Introductory Sentences

A log line is found describing movies and books. As a summary of entire book in one sentence is makes an immediate connection to the entire story.  A friend said to compare it to speaking to someone while riding an elevator. When asked, “What you do?” you quickly tell what your book is about –  the log line. (If you teach writing, think […]

Individualize Students’ Worksheets

Teaching first grade for the first time, my experienced co-teachers offered to help. Each Monday morning, they left a stack of worksheets for the week. We’re talking of a stack at least eight inches high! The stacks of papers reminded me of WALL-E, a children’s animated film of our world covered in trash. Reading, practice printing, math, […]